the team


MSAP is the brainchild of two young architects, Prashant Sharma & Pratishtha Sharma. They have been actively involved in creating a niche for themselves in the field of architecture under their partnership firm, MSAP. They are also associates with one of the leading architectural firms in India, Kothari & Associates.

We believe that Ideas flow more freely when architects and engineers work together and contribute to a project right from the inception of an idea. By doing so, they combine their knowledge, and learn from one another, to devise sustainable and fully integrated design solutions. Alongside the architects and engineers are the many specialist teams whose expertise underpins our approach. Our team is a combination of experts who bring together with them, their experience and diverse approaches making our work, a user friendly experience.  

With inclusion of HVAC & 3D BIM environment programs in our resources, we provide a wide range of working software ranging from a conceptual, presentation, research level to working, project management and value analysis.